The Dilemma Of Weekday Dates Vs Weekend Dates: An Exploration

Ever wondered why people who are dating are usually so fussy about the day of the week they are going out on a date?

car-dat-rogukHave you ever wondered that how does it matter if you are going out on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday or a Saturday night? And have not the weekend dates somehow seemed more formal? Well, this is because the day of the week you are going out with a person is loaded with significance: it speaks volumes about the level of comfort you are having in the relationship with your date. Actually, date night speaks a lot about the kind of person you are, about your date and how serious you are regarding the person. Whether your date is on a weekday or weekend is thus very crucial in determining whether your partner is at all serious about you or not, and to what degree especially if you are dating a professional.

The basic difference that separates weekday dates from its weekend counterparts is the degree of formality that is attached. That is to mean that if you are very serious about the person, you would go out on a weekend. A weekday date, on the other hand is more casual, this is why escorts usually charge less on the weekdays, a sort of hanging around to test the waters kind of – you can even look at the prices on websites such as Chicbabes. This has got to do a lot with the office working hours really. Working hours do not permit us to have a leisurely Sunday evening date or a date on a Monday. So this translates into a number of cues for potential daters-if people are willing to hang around with you on these days, we are sorry to say that they are not serious about you.

Sunday or Monday evening dates are more like the last options or the desperate squeeze-ins, without special regard given to the other person. These dates, you can be sure, will most definitely not turn out to be a lasting affair. You can also expect that these dates will not extend themselves late into the night because people do not want Monday morning hangovers or early-in-the-week Tuesday hangovers that might spoil their career prospects.

top-tips-to-datingOn the other hand, Wednesdays are the best days of the week if you want to meet up people, opine the dating experts. This is because Wednesday being in the middle of the week, you have already settled into your collars regarding the weekly job blues and a date in the evening might act as a breather. It is not too formal like a Saturday night dine-out, nor too desperate like a Monday night date. You can relax with the person over a drink, make the most of happy hours at pubs and restaurants and if things are conducive, it can also roll out into a late night!

Friday nights or Saturday nights call for more formal outings, with a dinner thrown in. Usually, if someone asks you out on a weekend, it means there is a level of familiarity and the person is serious about you. This often translates into late night stopovers since there is no office to attend the next morning.

So, pick your day and enjoy dating!